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  • What is the Warranty on the Maverick Pellet Grills?
    Your Pitts and Spitts Maverick Wood Pellet Grill is covered by a 10 year warranty on the barrel, 3 years on the controller, and 1 year on the parts. If you believe that you have issues covered by warranty, please contact your local Pitts and Spitts Dealer, or contact Pitts and Spitts with any questions at 1-844-650-6250 or You can register your warranty with the page located in your Users Manual or online at
  • What are the dimensions of the grill?
  • What is the weight of the Maverick Pellet Grills?
    Maverick 850 weighs approximately 225 lbs. Maverick 1250 weighs approximately 275 lbs. Maverick 2000 weighs approximately 325 lbs.
  • Are two cooking grates included or is that an upgrade?
    Unlike most other brands, two grates are included with both Maverick 850 and 1250 models and three grates are included with the Maverick 2000 model. All grates on all models are able to slide out.
  • How consistent is the temperature from left to right?
    Very consistent. You can expect variations to be less than 10 degrees; when smoking at lower temps, the difference is even smaller. Our proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller is the best on the market and uses several variables in order to consistenly maintain the desired temperature, unlike traditional dial controllers. The Pitts and Spitts Pellet Grill uses both auger timing and speed, in conjunction with the fan motor timing and speed, to reduce temperature swings, and eliminate the need to control your cook manually.
  • How accurate is the PID controller to the internal temperature?
    Very accurate. See FAQ question above asking about temperature consistency.
  • Is there a meat probe on the PID controller?
    Yes. We provide a Smart Meat Probe with each grill. Not only can you monitor internal meat temperature, but you can set target temperatures. Once your internal target temperature is reached with the meat probe, it is reported to the PID controller, and the grill goes into "Resting Mode" at 180 degrees until you remove the probe from the protein. No overcooked meats!
  • What grade of stainless steel are the lid and front shelf?
    304 Marine Grade Stainless Steel.
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